Simple Meatball Recipe

1Bakso or Baso is a type of meat balls are most prevalent in Indonesian cuisine. Meatballs generally made of a mixture of ground beef and tapioca flour, but there are also meatballs made from chicken, fish, or shrimp. In the presentation, meatballs usually served hot with clear beef broth soup, mixed with noodles, rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu, sometimes eggs, sprinkled with fried onions and celery. Meatballs are very popular and can be found throughout Indonesia. In this article I want to share a typical simple meatball recipe made in Indonesia or we can call it a recipe easily make “Bakso”.

Bakso is favorite food in Indonesian, everyone loved it. Many people in Indonesia usually eat meatballs at noon, afternoon, evening, and many people eat meatballs for dinner entree.

2The meatballs are very popular and can be found throughout Indonesia, from carts street vendors to great restaurants. Various types of meatballs now much on offer in the form of frozen foods sold in supermarkets and shopping malls. Sliced meatballs can also be used as a complement to other foods such as fried noodles, fried rice, or cap cai. Meatballs has its roots from Indonesian Chinese culinary art it is shown on the term comes from the word Meatballs Bak-So, in the Hokkien language which literally means ‘minced pork’. Because most of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, it is more common meatballs made from halal meat such as beef, fish, or chicken. Meatball recipe in Indonesia are generally based on Beef Meatball Recipe. That is the best meatball recipe and healthy meatball recipe in my opinion. Continue reading “Simple Meatball Recipe” »

Easy Meals to Cook

Easy Meals to Cook it takes a lot of People

Diet for some badly needed in addition to maintaining stable body weight, the diet a person can maintain his health and body shape. In fact not a few people who failed to go on a diet. They’ve been on a diet but still occasionally go wrong in choosing her daily diet. And they are also confused, with diet then they should choose another automatic cooking menu what needs to be made to consume each day in order to meet the manpower needs and diet. And the problem is so big they would find if they have little food diet recipes for every day. Of the almost the same dishes every day, guaranteed they will get bored and will probably take more food out of his diet food menu. This will certainly make the effort our diet disrupted. But do not worry, there is a very good solutions, here there are a lot of recipes suitable for diet, and very easy for us to do. af4Easy meals to cook can you get in here. everyone needs just easy recipes, especially those of the beginners in the field of cooking. To have a lot of diet food recipes, we no longer need to worry about providing food diet for our diet every day. Just easy recipes can you get in the package of digital products here. Why in the digital product package ? Because the recipe on the package that makes the price of these digital products are cheaper than similar products are printed in a book or magazine. In addition, the delivery of the product would be easier. And still many other benefits of this digital product. Easy vegetable recipes contained in this digital product, quick and easy lunch recipes that takes a lot of people already included in the package of digital products. Many easy meals to cook included here, we can cook different foods diet every day. So we will not get bored with what we cook and eat every day. By having a digital food recipes this, our diet will be maintained. Easy meal recipes that you get in this digital product guaranteed to be easy for you to practice in the kitchen. With a complete guide of an expert cook and easy to understand material that will make you more happy cook menu food diet to your daily dietary needs.

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Resep Cakwe

Resep Cakwe

cakweCakue atau biasa disebut Cakwe, siapa sih yang gatau cakwe? Semua orang cinta makanan ini. Makanan sederhana ini merupakan cemilan yang berbahan dasar terigu. Resep cakwe pertama kali dibuat di Cina. Cakwe itu enak jika dikonsumsi saat keadaan cakwenya hangat atau baru diangkat dari wajan. Dan cakwe lebih enak lagi jika dikonsumsi dengan ditemani saus sambal pedas, entah itu saus sambal yang berwarna merah ataupun ditemani dengan saus kacang pedas. Continue reading “Resep Cakwe” »

Kue Keju

Resep Kue Keju

kuekeju3Cemilan manis dan gurih sangat disukai banyak orang. Biasanya orang – orang akan mengkonsumsi cemilan manis itu sebagai hidangan penutup makan besar, sebagai hidangan pada acara – acara besar tertentu atau jamuan untuk tamu, ataupun santapan untuk menemani saat bersantai seseorang. Cemilan itu banyak jenisnya, ada pie, cake, nastar, puding, mochi, kue cubit, donat, dan lain sebagainya. Continue reading “Kue Keju” »

Kue Nastar Keju

Di Indonesia, banyak sekali macam – macam kue kering yang dijual di pasar atau pun dijual lewat mulut ke mulut. Kue nastar keju termasuk aneka kue kering yang diburu oleh banyak orang karena rasanya yang enak dan lembut, apalagi jika mendekati hari lebaran idul fitri aneka kue lebaran jenis ini sangat laris diburu banyak orang. Kue kering nastar ini biasa disebut juga dengan sebutan nastar nanas karena aneka kue kering ini berisi rasa nanas yang enak. Continue reading “Kue Nastar Keju” »


Cara buat puding terbagi menjadi 2 bagian berdasarkan cara memasaknya. Resep membuat puding yang pertama, puding yang disusun oleh zat pengental seperti tepung maizena, agar – agar, atau gelatin yang direbus hingga bahan bahan tersebut mendidih. Sedangkan resep membuat puding yang kedua itu puding yang dibuat dengan cara dipanggang, dikukus atau direbus yang bahan baku dasarnya adalah tepung terigu, telur ataupun tepung beras. Continue reading “Puding” »

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